Michigan Car Insurance

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Locally owned and operated in Grand Rapids, MI since 1976 Thornappple Insurance Agency’s team of insurance specialists know what you need when it comes to insuring your vehicles in Michigan.  We will craft quality insurance services to meet your every need.  Whether you are a single policy holder or a large family with multiple cars you can drive with confidence knowing that you are well taken care of. Contact us today, and we will provide our professional advice on the type and amount of auto insurance coverage options that are right for you.

What different car insurance coverage options can do for you

Your vehicle is a central part of your lifestyle. It is your connection between all of the important places you go every day. We will create the perfect car insurance plan for you that is tailored to the coverage you need. A few coverage options include:

  • Collision and comprehensive coverage
  • Liability coverage (Covers your legal liability to others for property
    damage or bodily injury in the case of a loss)
  • Road trouble service
  • Additional expense coverage
  • Lease/loan gap coverage.

Auto insurance can provide bodily injury and property damage liability coverage for accidents that happen to others for which you are responsible. Liability insurance also will pay the cost of an attorney to protect you if you’re sued. The state-required minimum coverages are usually not enough to fully protect you and your assets. Auto insurance also may cover the cost of accident-related repairs to your insured car, as well as your accident-related medical bills and lost wages.

We help you find the best car insurance in Grand Rapids, MI for your needs

Choosing the right car insurance for can be a challenge.  It takes effort to navigate through all the options, choice, and rules to understand what is required and not required.  An auto insurance policy usually has several types of protections or “coverages” — some required and some optional. Some coverages may automatically be part of your policy unless you opt out of them. You must decide what coverages best fit your needs, which may mean choosing more coverages than you need to meet requirements.

We listen to you and learn exactly what you need.  We help you make the most informed decisions about your car insurance coverage.  We will focus on the most cost effect effective choices for the right auto insurance coverage and financial security as your priority.

Getting even better rates

You may have other types of vehicles such as:

  • Motorcycles
  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
  • Off-Road Vehicles
  • RVs
  • Commercial Vehicles

You’ll likely need a separate auto insurance policy for each of these types.  Thornapple Insurance Agency can work with you to see if you qualify for a multi-policy discount from any of the multiple insurance carriers we represent. This may also include your home insurance policy as well.

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If you are in Grand Rapids, MI and need personal, one-on-one help with choosing the right car insurance get started by calling 1-616-957-1710 or use the form on this page to Request a Quote and we’ll get back with you to review your policy recommendations.